About Us
Shape and Drive Alternative Wellness
Our Mission is to empower every person and make a lasting positive wellness impact.
Our Products
Our CBD Wellness Products Empower, Unleash and Make a Difference for You,
wherever you are in your life story.
Our Principles
ACE Principles, the Concepts what we stand for.
Act for Serving Everyone
We work to make wellness accessible to everyone.
We are committed to building alternative wellness technology that helps people find better ways to be good.
Connect for Building Wellness Community
Our CBD wellness products help people to connect with each other, and they are at their best, they bring people closer together. We believe wellness community is a key source to create an entire sustainable wellness ecosystem.
Empower for Lasting Positive Wellness Impact
Our CBD wellness products empower, unleash and make a difference to you, wherever you are in your life story.
We create the products designed with your real wellness routine in mind.
Our Leadership

Yukio SasaChief Executive Officer

Mr. Sasa is head of Sasa International (SI) and oversees its Management.
He is a Serial Entrepreneur and an Advisor of August Beer.
He has succeeded running Cutting-Edge Food & Beverage Store Businesses, like Isyoku-Dogen at Omotesando.

M.D.,Ph.D Ichiro TaharaChief Medial & Beauty Officer

Dr. Tahara oversees SI’s R&D, Branding of Medical & Beauty Products.
He is Chairperson of TI Clinic, Celebrated Medical & Beauty Clinic which has Sophisticated, Prestigious client base.
He is also an active philanthropist with a history of supporting Beauty & Health education;
He has served as an advisor, judge of “Miss Universe Japan”.

Kenji SakamotoChief Craft Technology Officer

Mr. Sakamoto oversees SI’s R&D, Branding of Edibles and Beverage Products.
He is Chairperson of August Beer, Rising- Star craft beer company.
He is also an active philanthropist with a history of supporting Brewing-Tech education.
Before launching August Beer, he served as a VP KIRIN USA, Executive of Jardine wines and spirits (LVHM Group) and so on.
Our Locations
Manege Omotesando Building 4F,3-5-9, Kita-Aoyaya, Minato-Ku, 107-0061, Tokyo, Japan.